My Story
During my adult life, I have loved participating in 12 Step Programs and being on a spiritual journey with meditation and prayer at it’s heart.

At the same time, I experienced an underlying emotional and mental stress which would come and go. This stress was caused by fearful, negative thinking and a relentless inner critic.

I asked a dear friend why she thought I wasn’t able to maintain a sense of well-being. She suggested I use EFT tapping to decrease physical stress patterns and calm my body.

As I used EFT on myself, I experienced less stress and worry, and more calm and happiness. Using EFT also has improved my relationship with a Higher Power, as well as helping me connect with my inner child and giving her all the love and attention she deserves.

I then studied how to give EFT tapping sessions to others. With parent permission, I shared EFT with individual children and groups of children in classrooms at schools. The children became calmer and happier, and the school staff present also reported feeling more relaxed and soothed.

I then became certified in Clinical EFT and EFT. In my practice I supported clients in healing themselves. Clients have come to me with issues including, but not limited to, divorce, childhood trauma, fears, emotional distress, difficult emotions, heartbreaks, physical issues, chronic diseases, body image issues, resentments, unresolved conversations with others, distress about career and finances, and spiritual issues.

My clients have consistently reported increased happiness, inner peace, self-acceptance, a greater sense of physical and emotional well-being, and improved attitudes.

I am grateful for Clinical EFT Tapping and how it has improved my life, as well as the lives of those I have shared it with. I look forward to sharing EFT with you, to help you overcome obstacles and to find greater joy, ease and well-being.

Bari Roberts, Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner

Professional History:

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner
Occupational Therapist Registered (23 Years Experience)
Bachelor of Science; Early Childhood Education
Minister at the Science of Mind Church
Certification in Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Integration, and Reiki
Professional Vocalist and Guitarist in the Moon Glow Jazz Band


“Our family had a horrific fire at our home.  While our home of 70 plus years was saved, all of our outbuildings were gone within minutes. Gone we’re priceless possessions and oh so many memories.  I was the first person to see the fire shooting out of everywhere and was left with nightmares and could not sleep.  Bari, seeing my distress, asked if she could give me a session of tapping.   It was just what I needed as it became a story and I was left with a great experience and a motto to use everyday.  I was so relaxed and got my first good night’s sleep since the fire.  Even now when I step outside and see the destruction, I am okay and for that I am entirely grateful.”

Connie Bafford

“I have had a debilitating throbbing stabbing right side migraine for 6 years. I had been to expert medical professionals and tried every drug they prescribed with little or no results. Before my EFT session with Bari the migraine had been activated for 6 days, with unceasing debilitating pain. After one EFT session with Bari not only was the migraine gone, it   reduced to a mild presence pressure covering a much smaller area in the place where the migraine had been. I was so amazed it was actually for a while unbelievable.”