What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly referred to as “tapping.” Tapping is a safe, easy and effective stress management tool that is based on principles of modern psychology and acupressure. *

“I came to Bari at an extremely difficult time and I was an emotional wreck. Her gentle, loving presence and skillful application of the EFT process helped guide me through the intense change I was working with and move into a space of greater peace with my current experience and where it is taking me.” -Kevin*

During an EFT session a person taps with their fingertips on acupressure points on their body while bringing their attention to a stressful part of their life and while using an affirmation to eliminate the stress. The body points tapped on are the same points an acupuncturist uses on the meridians of the body, where chi energy–the vital energy that animates the body internally–gets blocked when one is stressed. During the EFT session, the blocked energy flows. The result: calm and peace to the body and mind.

“I highly recommend working with Bari Roberts. Her gentle and soothing presence is immediately evident as soon as you sit down to a session with her. With skill and deep caring, she is able to guide you to release stress from the events in your life that are blocking inner peace and self-love.” Melissa

The latest evidenced based studies and research** have shown the effectiveness of tapping in reducing difficult emotions, stress in the body and mind, as well as physical pain. Tapping works because once we start tapping on the endpoints of the meridians and focus on a stressful issue or challenge in our life, we actually send a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain.

The amygdala is that ancient fight or flight response center in the brain. We are in essence desensitizing ourselves to the stress, turning off that amygdala, that stress signal, rewiring the way the brain works, the way the limbic system reacts, the way the whole body reacts to the stressful challenge. EFT also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, improving immunoglobulins which help boost your immune system.

“Bari Roberts has a rare gift — both gentle and powerful — to help relax our nervous systems through tapping. Through the process, she helps us to dissemble even our deepest fears and anxieties, so that we can be restored to sanity and serenity. Many times, I have been the recipient of her gift of healing. It can feel like magic. In fact, though, it is merely mastery and kindness.” Elizabeth

I look forward to tapping with you!

“I have suffered from depression since I was a child. Recently our family had to sell our home and farm and I literally felt ‘homeless’. Thanks to EFT and a wonderful facilitator, Bari, I was able to experience in deep meditation my true HOME is always HERE AND NOW.”  Kyoko